An individually paced, hands-on learning experience designed for children between the ages of 3 to 6 years.  The Montessori Casa experience inspires a love of learning and a curiosity about the world that lasts a lifetime.

Individualized Program

Curriculum is introduced on a one-on-one basis or in small groups, within a thoughtfully prepared environment that allows each child to thrive. The mixed-age classroom provides opportunity for your younger child to observe and learn from the older, more experienced Casa students. Your older child gains valuable leadership skills, responsibility and self-confidence through working with their younger friends. It is a beautiful and natural method of learning.

Home-Like and Outdoor Classrooms

Your child will learn in a safe, clean and peaceful environment. Natural lighting, eye level shelving, beautiful wooden materials, student artwork, and many tactile, real life objects are enjoyed in all areas of our bright, home-like, non-traditional classrooms. Outdoor classroom space is available to further inspire your child’s learning in a natural setting on the school premises.

Child Centered (Not Teacher Centered)

The Casa program is not based upon age, as in a traditional top down curriculum.  Lessons are based upon the teacher observing each child’s aptitude, interests and needs. Your child will be challenged based on their ability and development, not on a generic standard.  The classroom is designed to encourage independence in your child through choice of activities.

Independent Thinkers

The scientifically designed Montessori materials encompasses a broad range of lessons in six areas of learning; practical life, culture, sensorial, arithmetic, language and peace education. Mastering a lesson is accomplished through hands-on use of materials, exploration and repetition; all under the guidance of our Accredited Montessori Teachers. The result? A concrete understanding of abstract concepts.

Peace Education

Key to success within our programs is Peace Education. The students come to recognize what peace is, when it is needed, and how it can be achieved and shared. Peace areas of the classroom act as personal quiet areas to reflect or read.

Your Child’s Best-Self

Grace and courtesy activities are introduced at a young age, and help your child understand accountability and respect for others and their environment. Your child is encouraged to become their best self through learning how to solve conflicts, be kind to their friends and act politely in social situations.

Interconnection of All Things

Casa students are exposed to the world in which they live through extensive hands-on lessons in geography, culture and interactions within our community. While looking at the big picture, students see the ripple effect and learn how each person uniquely contributes to their community, school and family. Exploring our community is of importance in our extended curriculum and includes regular field trips to local businesses, the farmer market, local parks and trails, the central library, museums, City Hall, the fire station and the Performing Arts Center.  These all provide valuable teachable moments beyond the use of classroom materials.

A Community of Friends

The Casa Montessori Program embraces a ‘back to basics’ approach. The students learn to take pride and ownership of their school and classroom environment, while being independent of their parents. They feel confident and at ease within their community of friends whilst learning every day, real life tasks that are taught in a child friendly and meaningful way. Small seeds that are planted for a lifetime of successes.

Beyond Academics

The students are encouraged to ‘think outside of the box’, and question the why’s and how’s, instead of relying on rote memorization.  Beyond exceptional academics, your child will enjoy music class, physical education, drama, eco-programs, visual arts, and still have ample time to explore, run and play outdoors.

Ready to Move-Up

At the completion of the 3-Year Casa Program (traditionally known as the Kindergarten Years), your child will see learning as fun, exciting and limitless. Reading and writing will have come to life from sounds and symbols.  Your child will have been introduced to numbers and the decimal system; geometric figures, the seven continents and land and water forms.  Your child will leave with a strong foundation of academic skills coupled with important social skills; as well as a love and respect for peace, a broad overview of culture and the world we live in and an admiration for nature.  Having benefited from an exciting, self-paced, yet relaxed classroom learning environment; your Casa child is now ready to graduate to the core-French Montessori Elementary Program with confidence and with a joy of learning.