• Why our school is not CCMA (Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators) Accredited?

    The CCMA is a widely respected organization that supports Montessori education and provides additional accreditation and training for Montessori schools and teachers. You do not have to be a member or accredited by their organization to take advantage of their training materials; however, they require that all schools they accredit to only offer 5-day program options.

    Although our Accredited faculty teach an authentic Montessori curriculum from Toddler (18 months) through Grade 6, BMS also offers 2, 3 and 5 day program options for families. A number of our families admit their child into the 2 or 3 day program due to financial constraints, others because they want to slowly introduce their child into a school environment and still others who wish to supplement their young child with the benefit of a social and nurturing learning environment outside of the home.

    We firmly believe that by continuing to offer the 2 and 3 day program, we are enhancing the lives and education of each child whose family would not be with us if we chose to become CCMA accredited.

  • What is the best age to start your child at BMS?

    The first six years of your child’s life is a time of remarkable growth and rapid development. The educational environment you choose will have a tremendous impact on your child’s beliefs about herself, her ability to learn and the impact she can make on the world. So much more than a daycare, Montessori education emphasises respect of your child’s unique development, stimulates a love-for-learning and prepares him or her to face the challenges of the future.

  • How do you screen your employees?

    All employees, teachers, assistants, administrators, co-op students, custodian and regular volunteers must provide a vulnerable sector police check.

  • Is Beyond Montessori School (BMS) a licensed school?

    Yes, BMS is licensed by the Ministry of Education for our Elementary Program and is licensed through the Ministry of Education, governed by the Early Years Learning Act for our Toddler (18 months) through Primary (Casa) Programs.  This portion of our school is governed the same as all licensed daycares in the province of Ontario.

  • Is the school inspected by Public Health?

    Yes, BMS adheres to the very strict regulations to operate a licensed child care center (or daycare) as put forth by the Niagara Region Public Health Department.  BMS is thoroughly inspected by Public Health every 6 months.

  • Are you a daycare?

    BMS is not a daycare, we offer so much more than a traditional daycare setting for our youngest students, all at a very competitive and affordable price.  To read more about our Montessori Toddler Program enrollment starting at 18 months, click here. Offering excellence in Montessori Education for Toddler (18 months) through Grade 6

  • Do you offer a Montessori French Elementary program?

    Yes, our school offers an authentic, core-French Montessori Education for elementary aged students through Grade 6.  Our Accredited Montessori Directress is fully bilingual.  Click here to read more.

  • Are you a religious school?

    Our school is not affiliated with any church or religion. We welcome students from a wide-range of ethnicities and religious beliefs and we foster an inclusive school community based on mutual respect.

  • What are the hours of the school?

    BMS is open from 7:45 AM to 5:30 PM. Class times vary by program.

  • Do you offer before and after school programs?

    Yes, before and after school programs are available for our students at all levels. Please note that these programs are only available for children enrolled in our school and involve additional fees.

  • Do you offer a summer camp?

    Yes, our school is open in the summer.  Read more about it on our summer camp page or contact Administration.

  • How can parents be involved?

    Parents may choose to be involved in Parent Council.  There are also myriad opportunities to be involved in throughout the school year such as: attendance at field trips, theatre performances, community dinners, family skating, and specialized activities such as Swim to Survive, etc..  Parents are also invited to participate in the classroom, which is explained in the August Orientation.

  • Do the students perform in concerts?

    Yes, all students perform in our annual Winter and Spring Concert Celebrations.  Please refer to the calendar for dates.

  • Do you offer childcare during school closures?

    PD Day camps and March Break camps are offered at BMS. School is closed during Winter Christmas break and statutory holidays.  Please refer to our calendar for details.

  • Do you offer hot lunch?

    Yes, a nutritious hot lunch program is catered by the Lunch Lady for an additional fee.  Students may also bring a litter less, nut-free lunch from home.

  • How often are parent-teacher interviews?

    Formal parent teacher interviews are held in January, at which time your child’s social, emotional and academic progress is discussed in detail. Parents may also schedule a meeting with the teacher at any time throughout the year, as needed.

  • How is BMS different from other Montessori schools or daycares?

    At Beyond Montessori School we believe in getting back to the roots of true Montessori learning – namely creative process and nurturing the whole child. In recent years education has placed a decisive focus on academics, with creativity and the arts taking a back seat. We believe that creativity is one of the most important factors in learning, and the greatest enabler of discovery. We place a distinct emphasis on creative process in children, and you’d be amazed at the results.

  • Does BMS offer government subsidies?

    Yes, and we are pleased to do so. BMS can accept students from 18 months through Preschool (daycare age) on Niagara Region Childcare Subsidy.  Applications for subsidy are made directly with the Niagara Region.  When a family is accepted with subsidy, the child may enroll at BMS.

    An interview process to determine compatibility and to provide families with an opportunity to fully understand our school must occur before acceptance.

  • Are bursaries available for Elementary (Grades 1 through 6)?

    Yes, BMS does offer a limited number of partial bursaries to Elementary families.  Bursaries are based on the financial needs of a family.  Inquiries should be made by contacting Administration.

  • What does it mean for BMS to be holistic?

    The term “holistic” has a twofold definition for our school. First, it means we view each child as a whole, and desire to nurture them physically, morally, cognitively, and emotionally. Second, we are holistic in our teaching methods, choosing to incorporate many creative methods of education such as children’s yoga (Zooga), dance, drama, music, and arts. We also focus on environmental responsibility and caring for our community.

  • How does BMS ensure a safe environment for your child?

    The main entrance at BMS is equipped with a key code entry pad.  All enrolled families are provided with the access code.  The access code changes annually.

  • What are the school’s core values?
    • Safety and security in a nurturing school environment.
    • Honesty and integrity; an ethical framework for development.
    • Peace, respect, and cooperation in both school and our local community.
    • Awareness and respect for the environment.
    • Leadership and creativity within our school community.
    • Compassion, kindness, patience, and joyfulness.
    • Striving for excellence.