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Toddler (18 months) to Grade 6

Our Accredited Montessori Teachers and RECE’s provide each student with individualized learning, in low-ratio classrooms.  Celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary, BMS has been providing Niagara Families with exceptional Montessori Education since 2008.

The Montessori pedagogy focuses on each child as their own person, cultivating growth and learning based on individual stages of development. At BMS, we believe in fostering a joy of learning in our children; helping to create active, balanced and responsible future generations.

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Learning - Beyond the Classroom

What Parents Need to Know About Montessori Education

In the current educational culture that emphasizes standardization and memorization, Montessori offers a logical alternative: a method that teaches your child independence, critical thinking, and to develop an inner motivation to learn—starting at a very young age.

At its core, Montessori education is meant to be an exciting journey—a road of self-discovery. The incentive lies in your child’s personal success, rather than grades or external rewards.

What Do You Want for Your Child’s Education?

The first six years of your child’s life; Toddler / Preschool (daycare age), through Kindergarten, is a time of remarkable growth and rapid development. The early education you choose will have tremendous influence on your child’s confidence, ability to learn, beliefs about themselves, and the impact they can make on the world.

The BMS Elementary program offers the ideal environment for the growth and support of your child’s intellectual, social and creative development. Our approach is simple; through gentle guidance, we allow your child’s curiosity and imagination to flourish, leading to an insatiable thirst and lifelong quest to delve deeper, to uncover, to critically question, to test and to reason.

Montessori offers a compelling choice of education.  A learning environment that respects your child’s unique development, stimulates a love-for-learning and prepares your child to face the challenges of the future.


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