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Art and The Five Senses – A Lesson in Uniqueness

Empirical ArtThis past month, many of our classrooms have incorporated The Five Senses as a learning unit. We all use our senses every day, but it is something completely other to become aware of how our senses work (together, and disparately) in our every day life. Two of our teachers – Ms. Shauna and Mrs. Glassco – decided to implement sensory practice into the creative processes of art as well.

The students in the Casa and Elementary classes were asked to close their eyes while their teachers gave them single-word descriptors. Based on the given words, the students created mental images, and were in turn asked to transfer these images onto paper using their senses of touch and sight. 

Art and The Five Senses

The Five Sense and Art

The results were remarkable. The same word was given to each student, but the individual results were completely different. A perfect opportunity for students to realize both the similarities between one another, and the brilliant uniqueness that comes with each person’s perspective. We all see the world a little differently.  

Shauna Daley and Elizabeth Glassco love using creativity and art to teach both concrete and abstract concepts to their students at Beyond Montessori School

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